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We all play a character in life and identify with something that we are not. But how do we attain to that which is really inside of us? There is just one way to find oneself and that always follows the truth. This is what is taught by the spiritual teacher Premananda, who pioneers an experiment in conscious living in Germany together with 25 people.
This DVD shows the life of the people in that spiritual community along with their teacher, and gives at the same time an explanation how to realize oneself and to find one’s true nature. The great effect of the film is that it isn’t only showing the life of the group, but is also motivating oneself to join this process of letting go of old patterns and searching for what is real. It is one of the rare films that I have watched several times over.

Heidi Prohl
Das Wesentliche Magazin
More than twenty years ago Premananda lost his attachment to the mind, with the Indian Satsang teacher Papaji. Since then he has been sharing the discovered silence in the community Open Sky House to residents, guests and via live broadcasts on the internet. With accompanying short introductions by Premananda, the book contains transcriptions of his Satsangs – desperate questions and deep answers. The beautiful opportunity is that the reader sees his own old conditionings mirrored in the seekers which, as we all know, are so much easier to see in other people. The Great Misunderstanding (Open Sky Press, London 2013) won’t necessarily free anyone of feeling separate from everything, but it will encourage the understanding that it’s not like that.

Spuren Magazine
The author, painter and filmmaker Premananda is well known for his book series ‘Blueprints for Awakening’ and the accompanying films. He has founded the Open Sky House, an international Satsang and Arts Community. In his latest book ‘The Great Misunderstanding’ he shows how we mistake our true being because of our conditionings and false identifications. Even though most people who are on the spiritual path usually know these aspects, they may have rarely been pointed out so plausible, true-to-life and humorously as Premananda does. The book contains a DVD-Sampler with a preview of the corresponding film, that is also available for purchase. Additionally the Open Sky House recently released the DVD ‘Satori’ which documents the Satori experience of a resident of the Open Sky House.

Valentina Meyer
Yoga Aktuell Magazine
It is an amazing film that is great fun to watch.
It connects Indian wisdom with modern life in a German community on the banks of the Rhine. The film gives colorful insights into the community life with unexpected happenings in their improvisation theatre,
interspersed with meditative scenes of nature.

On the first time watching it I was totally absorbed by the beautiful pictures and music, and on the second time I was more able to dive deeper into the message of the film. Now I have watched it several times because the talks from Premananda are such a comprehensive essence of spiritual wisdom that it amazes me again and again.

I've just bought the film and WOW! Now I am really interested to move into a community. It is amazing what's going on there. The community gets filmed in the daily life, with the awakened spiritual teacher Premananda, who also lives there.
I am really thinking about such a lifestyle now.

It's a wonderful film about the main teachings from the English Satsang teacher Premananda. Though you can say that these teachings are not his teachings, they've been valid for thousands of years, and yet Premananda has a quite western and modern approach to Advaita.
In this movie it is shown how a community of twenty-five people is living together with Premananda as a guide on the path to look inside and do Self-enquiry.
It's quite a colorful and deeply touching movie.
If you're interested to get more information about the community and Premananda or if you just want to get an insight into exciting spiritual teachings, then that movie is an absolute must.

A wonderful movie about living with a spiritual teacher in a community. The 'ingredients' for conscious living are explained in an incisive way and it is easy to understand. This is a movie that doesn't lose its magic even after watching it several times. Every time you find something useful that you can implement in your daily life. And there is no magic formula for awakening, but a community with a spiritual teacher can be a big support to realize what is real.

At the beginning it is explained what the great misunderstanding is. After that the talks of Premananda, an awakened spiritual teacher, run like a thread through the film and explain how you can get closer to awakening.
Pictures and scenes of the daily life of his community are shown along with wonderful pictures of animals and nature and of the river rhine, on whose shore the community lives. You get an insight how such a community supports awakening. And in the end you can see some scenes of an awakening happening to a resident, which comes from another film called "Satori".
The talks from Premananda remind me always to align my life to the absolute truth. The lovely scenes from the nature and the animals are touching me every time anew and there are some funny sequences of the improvised theatre of the community. The Open Sky House seems to be a great place for creativity and I will surely come to visit it.

Mario Corty
This movie is especially for people who are following their inner longing for truth. The film shows the awakened spiritual teacher Premananda along with a community of people who all have the intention to wake up to their true nature. The big amount of love that was put into the production of that movie can be seen in all the details and there are shown lovely pictures of animals and nature. The film really invites you to see it again and again without getting bored. Apart from that the movie makes you curious to visit the spiritual community in Germany. The Great Misunderstanding is a movie that on the basis of the lovely production alone stays in your memory.


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